5th Grade Activities

5th-Grade image Activities

The Bowman PTA organizes and partially funds the following activities that your 5th grade child will be invited to participate in:

Moving On Ceremony and Reception

Teacher Coordinator: Mr. Taylor
Parent Coordinators:  Carrie Rose, Karla Buhsmer
Time:  TBD
Date:  TBD
Location:  TBD
Set up the night before – 6pm

•  The ceremony takes place in the gym; the reception is immediately following in the cafeteria; 4th grade parents set up and serve cake and water at the reception


Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Gallardo
Parent Coordinator: Amy Rosenthal, Allison Watts

•  As part of the end of the year “Moving On” celebration, each 5th grade student will receive a link with access to the class video (with pictures of their classmates) which is shown at the Moving On Ceremony.


Teacher Coordinator: Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Studley
Parent Coordinators:  Tamar Finan, Emy Goldsmith, Yasemin Sari, Hua Carroll

•  As part of the end of the year “Moving On” celebration, each 5th grade student will receive a yearbook.

5th Grade T-Shirt

Teacher Coordinator:  Mr. Taylor
Parent Coordinator:  Tish Apstein, Josh Post

•  Each 5th grade student will receive a T-shirt to commemorate their days at Bowman School to be worn at Spaghetti Dinner, Field Day, etc.

5th Grade Luau Event

Teacher Coordinator:  Mr. Swanton
Parent Coordinators:  Lynne Caron, Gitanjali Srivasta, Emy Goldsmith, Sara Larsen, Hua Carroll, Stephanie Dumas
Time:  TBD
Date:  TBD
Location:  Bowman

•  5th Grade students social event to celebrate “moving on” from Bowman.

Spaghetti Dinner

Teacher Coordinator:  Mr. Swanton / Ms. Heaton
Parent Coordinators:  Cindy Arens, Siamak Baharloo, Sandy Schwartz
Time:  3 dinner shifts 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm
Date:  March 7, 2019
Location:  Bowman Gymnasium/Cafeteria

•  This is a fundraiser organized and run by 5th grade students and parents but attendees can be from all grades!  5th grade students will be the servers for the dinner. The proceeds will be used to offset the cost of the 5th grade activities.

•  Ticket sales for the dinner are open to all families in the Bowman School community.

Field Day

Teacher Coordinator:  Ms. Gallardo
Parent Coordinators:  Julia Brandon, Diane Callahan, Ingrid Nunez, Elaine Read, Ming Tregay
Time:  TBD
Date:  TBD
Location:  Bowman Field

•   A classic field day of games and races for the 5th grade class.

Questions? Want to volunteer for an activity?
Contact 5th Grade Activities Organizers at fifthgradeactivities@bowmanpta.org.




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