Big Backyard: Grade 1 Overview

Big Backyard: Grade 1 Nature Walks Overview


Grade One Nature walks are based on: 

1. Developing Environmental Awareness

  • Sensory exploration/ Sense of wonder
  • Discover/ Joy of learning
  • Sharing the excitement
  • Experiencing nature’s rhythms and cycles

2. Developing attitudes of respect toward

  • Birds and other animals living near Bowman
  • Each other
  • Themselves as learners

3. Exploring and discovering in the schoolyard and woods

  • Identifying what all animals need to live and grow
  • Discovering the variety of birds and other animals living in their schoolyard
  • Exploring different habitats at Bowman
  • Understanding how seasonal changes affect wildlife
  • Discovering how wildlife cope with seasonal changes
  • Understanding simple food chains

By this time the children should be able to focus and effectively explore, observe, and share verbally with others what they are discovering as well as listen and appreciate other children’s discoveries. They should be able to make connections as they compare seasonal changes and learning should be carrying over into the classroom.

Remember, first graders are still learning how to behave on a Nature Walk, how to focus, observe, wonder, and thereby enjoy exploring, discovering, learning, and sharing.

The excitement generated by making and sharing their discoveries will lead to the desire to explore, discover, and continue learning.

Communicate with the teacher how the Walk went, as well as exciting discoveries. The teacher needs to know so children’s outdoor experiences and excitement can be integrated with classroom learning. And because children’s observations are listened to and have value, children develop confidence in themselves as learners.