Bowman Broadside

Bowman Broadside

The Broadside is Bowman community’s monthly newsletter published jointly by the Bowman Administration and the PTA.  The Broadside contains all the information the Bowman community needs to know about what is happening at Bowman!  There are regular updates about PTA sponsored activities, as well as various PTA fundraising and social events.  In addition, the Broadside features articles from our Safe Routes to School program, the Bowman Health Room and the Bowman Library.  It also contains a two-month calendar with important dates to remember.

CLICK HERE to find the latest edition of the Broadside.

If you would like to see historical copies of the Broadside or have any questions, contact Suman Murali, Broadside Editor.

Submissions should be made to  Submitted articles must be relevant to Bowman, the Bowman PTA, or the Lexington Public School System, and must be approved by the Principal.  Simple text blurbs make the best submissions; no special formatting is needed.  Submission deadlines are published for the next issue at the end of each current issue.  In general, submission deadlines are the third or fourth Thursday of every month (with some exceptions).

2016-2017 Submission Deadlines:
September: 8/25
October: 9/22
November: 10/20
December: 11/17
January: 12/15
February: 1/20
March: 2/23
April:  3/23
May: 4/20
June: 5/25


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