Bowman In Bloom

2012 Bowman In Bloom

Bowman In Bloom was a big success with more than 100 attendees at the event. This was our biggest fundraising source of two years and we are happy to report that we raised 20% more this year for the Bowman PTA*. Thank you to all the Parents who donated, attended and purchased items at the event. We appreciate your support. The school and children will benefit greatly from these efforts!

We still have totes available, a great accessory for the summer for $20.  If you are interested in purchasing one please send in a check to the office or purchase one online (see below) and we will deliver the tote to you!

Purchase a Tote via the secure PayPal link below.  Note, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase the Tote, you may check-out of PayPal as a guest.


Thank you to the Bowman In Bloom Committee for your hard work on the event: Carrie Pitts, Cathy Swan, Betsy Wilkinson, Anne McCurdy, Flo Donaghy, Kerry Hart, Beth Briggs and Colleen Smith and Moira Logan.

*Money raised through the auction goes to pay for a wide variety of expenses including supplemental math and phonics curriculum, 3rd-5th grade planners, non fiction books, special programs like the Ruby Bridges presentation, expenses for community events like the Craft Fair and Bingo Night, Nature’s Classroom financial aid, new classroom rugs, playground supplies, field trip buses, staff professional development, In Focus projectors, PTA website development, directory and Insider’s Guide, recycling containers, Big Backyard materials, landscaping, Open Circle training materials, and many other educational materials and programs to benefit the whole Bowman community.


Thank you.

Bowman In Bloom Committee