Bowman Science Fair_FAQs

Science Fair: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  How do we register for the science fair?
A:  Registration for the fair is done online. Click here to register.

Q: Where does the Science Fair take place?
A: The Science Fair will take place at the Bowman School Cafeteria and Gymnasium.

Q: What time should students participating in the fair arrive?
A: Student scientist should arrive at 6:40 PM. Go to the registration table to get your badge and table assignment.  Then find your table assignment and set up your exhibit.

Q: Will there be judging at the science fair?
A: There is no judging.  This is a non-competitive, fun science fair. Each participant comes up with his or her own experiment or demonstration, and is awarded a certificate by a Visiting Scientist.

Q: What is a Visiting Scientist?
A: Visiting Scientists are volunteers from the Bowman community who share our enthusiasm for kids doing science.  A Visiting Scientist will briefly chat with each student about his or her exhibit, ask questions and give feedback, and then award each student a certificate.

Q: Where do I get an exhibit board for my child to create the display?
A: Any office supply (Staples) or craft store (Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s, AC Moore, Playtime in Arlington) carries these boards.

Q: My child is a kindergartener.  Is it realistic for a kindergartener to participate in the Science Fair?
A: Absolutely!  A lot of Bowman kids begin Science Fair in kindergarten.  Even if your child does not yet know how to write, you can still participate by doing the dotted letter thing on lined paper and having him or her trace over it, then glue the pages onto the display.

Q: Can my child do an experiment with siblings or a friend?
A: Yes, students are welcome to work in a small group. Groups should be no larger than 3 people. Before registering, select one student to be responsible for registering. During the registration process, there will be fields to enter all group members’ names, emails, grade and teacher.

Q: May I come to the fair even I didn’t have time for a project?
A: Yes! Come support your fellow students.

Q: My question wasn’t answered.  Who can I ask?
A: We’re happy to help. Please contact us at