Executive Board

Bowman PTA Executive Board

Rebecca Fagan Gorospe, Anne Norman

The Co-Presidents work with the Executive Board in creating a yearly budget, facilitate community-building events, and ensure that PTA resources are used to support and enrich curriculum goals.

Monthly meetings of the PTA Board are typically held on Wednesdays. Those on the PTA Board are encouraged to attend these meetings. These meetings are open to all PTA members and the public.

***Please contact the Co-Presidents at president@bowmanpta.org if you are interested in finding out about volunteer opportunities.***
Vice Presidents

VP/Communications • vpcommunications@bowmanpta.org • Brandy Hartford, Stephanie Ryan

VP/Community • vpcommunity@bowmanpta.org • Lisa Premerlani

VP/Curriculum • vpcurriculum@bowmanpta.org • Lauren Avery

VP/Fundraising • vpfundraising@bowmanpta.org • Lacey VerHage, Lakshmi Ramanath

VP/Membership • vpmembership@bowmanpta.org • Christine Chang

VP/School Support • vpschoolsupport@bowmanpta.org • Taleen Gleeson

VP/Remote Community • vpremotecommunity@bowmanpta.orgKarin Ornstein

VP/Community Service • vpcommunityservice@bowmanpta.orgRadha Badani

VP/Community, Cultural Activities • vpcommunity-culturalevents@bowmanpta.org • Natasha Zeb, Nayera Thabet

Attend board meetings, support Co-Presidents in their duties, manages those committees under their responsibility. Ideally, a VP is gaining experience and exposure to PTA events so he/she can be Co-President of PTA at some point.

Valerie Machinist

Attend PTA meetings, record meeting minutes and distribute them after each meeting, including to the Bowman PTA website coordinator for posting on the site.
Winnie Tsiang-Pong, Elaine Read

Manage all PTA funds – deposits, paying vendors and reimbursing volunteers and staff as necessary. Keep up-to-date, detailed and accurate financial reports using Quickbooks software. Develop and track annual budget. Generate reports for various committees and for the accountant. Certain annual duties, such as applying for raffle permits, renewing insurance and charitable status, filing IRS forms, etc.