Safe Routes to School (SR2S)

Safe Routes to School (SR2S)

What Is Safe Routes to School?
SR2S conducts monthly morning community events that celebrate walking, biking, scooting, carpooling, and taking the bus to school. At participating Lexington schools, these “Walking Wednesdays” are held on the second Wednesday of most months. Concentrating on safety, exercise, and fostering a sense of community, these efforts have been effective in increasing the number of Lexington students who walk, bike, bus, or carpool and in decreasing emissions through reducing the number of cars and idling at our schools.

In addition, we collaborate with Bowman teachers to conduct pedestrian, bicycle, and helmet safety training for our students. These programs are conducted with support from MassRides and WalkBoston.

At Bowman, parent volunteers coordinate the program and are members of the PTA Board.

What’s the Big Picture?
Implemented at Bowman in spring 2006, SR2S is supported by the Lexington Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Paul Ash, and by the all the district school principals. The Lexington Sidewalk Committee leads the town program, which is currently active at four elementary schools and one middle school.

Lexington SR2S is backed by state and federal organizations. Massachusetts maintains the Department of Transportation’s MassRides program, while the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration funds the National Center for Safe Routes to School located at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center.

Walk on Wednesdays – Bowman Walks, Bikes, Scooters…
In 2015-2016, Bowman “Walk on Wednesdays” are planned for:

October 14, 2015   
November 4, 2015
December 9, 2015
January 13, 2016
February 10, 2016  
March 9, 2016  
April 13, 2016   
May 11, 2016

Please check the Bowman Broadside and the Bowman PTA events calendar for the latest information on upcoming walk days.

If you would like to walk, bike or scooter to school, consider taking a recommended route from your neighborhood to Bowman, as marked on this map of the Bowman Elementary School district.  These are routes most commonly used by walkers from each neighborhood.

If you are interested in joining up with walkers or bikers in your area, see the list of SR2S Neighborhood Contacts

… and Carpools and Rides the Bus
Where it is not feasible to walk and the bus does not suit your routine, please consider carpooling to school. While Bowman SR2S does not officially organize carpooling, your Neighborhood Contact (see below) may know of carpooling groups in your neighborhood.

The Golden Sneaker
On each “Walking Wednesday” or SR2S event day, the Bowman community challenges itself to see how we can reduce parent driving to school in the morning. Alternative means of getting to school include walking, biking, scootering, and riding the bus. Bowman teachers collect data on how the children get to school on event days as well as on comparison days during the same week. SR2S volunteers compile that data, establishing which classroom has the highest percentage of walkers, bikers, scooterers, bus-riders, and carpoolers. The classroom with the highest participation rate on Walking Wednesday is awarded our coveted Golden Sneaker award, a traveling trophy.

The data collected helps to assess whether SR2S is effective in achieving its goals. If our community remains committed to the program, as shown by strong participation rates, Lexington becomes eligible for state grant funds for infrastructure improvements that increase safe mobility for our children, such as sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and signage.

Infrastructure Improvements in the Bowman District
Bowman staff and parent volunteers have worked together since 2006 to collect data on student use of alternative forms of transportation to and from school. This documentation has demonstrated our district’s eligibility for a Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation SR2S infrastructure improvement grant. $450,000 in federal funds were designated to enhance walkability in the Follen Hill neighborhood and to significantly improved safety at the intersection of Worthen Road East and Pleasant Street. Construction occurred in the Spring/Summer, 2011.

Safe Routes to School Ribbon Cutting Article, click here

Please Remember
Parents are responsible for helping their children make safe choices in Safe Routes to School event days. See our “Be a Safe Walker” flyer for tips to share with your children.

Neighborhood Contacts – Safe Routes to School
If you would like to walk to school, the following Bowman parents have agreed to act as neighborhood contacts. They walk to school with their children themselves and they can give you the preferred route to school. Within each neighborhood we are aiming to create ‘walking buses’ where adults take turns in accompanying several children to school. This is an informal arrangement that is already happening in some neighborhoods but not all parents are comfortable in doing this.

Safe Routes to School Neighborhood Contacts 2013-2014

Sutherland Park
Contact: Diane Young
Ames Baker, Banks, Bowker, Clelland, Oak, Mass Ave 358-531,Tucker Aerial, Camden, Charles, Chase, Cherry, Daniels, Hibbert, Mass Ave 134, Stevens, Sylvia, Tarbell, Taft

Peacock Farm
Contact: Carolyn Goldstein
Peacock Farm, Mason, White Pine, Briggs, Crescent, Great Rock Road, Pleasant 48-83

Lawrence Lane
Contact: Position is open – looking for a volunteer!
Lawrence Lane, Pleasant St 148-151

Webster Road area
Contact: Position is open – looking for a volunteer!
Hutchinson, Lawn Ave, Trodden, Webster, Stearns, Blossom

Concord Avenue
Contact:  Hema Gandhi
Chadbourne, Potter, Scott, Concord Ave, April, Kitson, Waltham 952

Lexington Ridge
Contact: Gordana Puskarevic
Avalon apartments off Waltham St

Philip/Goffe area
Contact: Lex Johnson
Barrett, Dudley, Dover, Goffe, Philip, Worthen Rd East

Moreland Avenue
Contact: Position is open – looking for a volunteer!
Bird Hill, Davis, Moon Hill, Moreland, Rockville, Swan

Follen Hill 1
Contact: Carrie Pitts
Buckman, Dawes, Follen 181-213, Lantern, Sunset Ridge

Follen Hill 2
Contact: Alexandra Moellmann
Follen 225-230, Locust, Marrett, Paddock Lane, Plymouth, Richards, Robbins, Tower, Tricorne, Watson

Follen Hill 3
Contact: Lori Benjes
Follen 43-65, Smith, Summit

Munroe Hill
Contact:  Beth Briggs
Bloomfield, Highland, Hunt, Mass Ave 1341-1508, Percy, Sherburne, Slocum, Warren, Washington, Eustis, Eliot, Bennington

Mass Avenue
Contact: Position is open – looking for a volunteer!
Byron, Curve, Joseph, Independence, Lockwood, Maple, Mass Ave 840-991, Mass Ave 639-1145, Spencer


All Contact information is available in the current online Bowman Directory. Or contact theCommittee at